It's a SNAP!

Double the Decks. Double your Money.

Cut Deck Installation Time in Half!

Deck installation has never been so quick and easy.

Whether you're a contractor or DIYer, the Step-Clip system makes decking installation easier. With up to 50% faster install times, contractors can double their deck installations — and double their money.

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Simple, Safe, Secure

Step-Clip makes deck installation easy!

The Step-Clip System installs easily with a roofing nail gun or hammer, then simply step on deck boards to snap them into place! Deck installation has never been so simple, safe, and secure!

Up to 50% Faster Install Times

Step-Clip dramatically reduces installation time!

Step-Clip reduces decking installation time by up to 50%. Spend less time on your hands and knees during deck board installation compared to traditional methods. Our time studies show that Step-Clip installs up to twice as fast as other leading brands!

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No Special Tools Needed

Got a hammer or nail gun?

Step-Clip installs easily with a roofing nail gun or hammer. This means less kneeling or bending up and down for you, not to mention no need for spacing or grabbing for fasteners.

Easy to Replace

Replacing boards has never been so easy.

If a deck board should be damaged, Step-Clip makes replacing damaged boards significantly easier than current decking methods.

Increase Efficiency

Step-Clip saves you time and money.

Step-Clip automatically spaces deck boards 3/16" (4.8mm) apart. Decking can be laid out in advance to ensure that the variegated hardwoods appearance is pleasing to the homeowner. Special-cut boards can be cut and installed after all other decking is installed. No need to hold up crew for special cuts to fit around posts, etc.

No Joist Protection Tape

Now that's smart!

The Step-Clip strip protects the top of the joist from water damage, rot and decay, eliminating the need for joist protection tape.

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