A Variegated Deck Is Worth 1,000 Words


The tones, colors, and hues have a story to tell

Just like you and your family, DuraLife decking is unique, and no two boards are exactly the same. When choosing the color that best fits your outdoor space, it’s important to consider the aesthetic you’re aiming to achieve, as well as the effect that each style can have on your home.

DuraLife’s Hardwoods™ Collection composite decking is eco-friendly and inspired by nature. The Hardwoods Collection colors are created using a random dispersal process which creates unique and non-repeating color variations within each board. No two boards are exactly the same! With four wood tones to choose from, it’s easy to see how the grain patterns and variegated colors stand out. And beneath the beautiful surface of each deck lies a story just waiting to be told.

Golden Teak

For homeowners craving the summer sun every day, DuraLife’s Golden Teak deck will truly brighten up the backyard year-round. The variegated pattern shines through this refreshing, light, appealing shade, enhancing every board in an eye-pleasing and authentic way. Splashes of vibrant colors and greenery will compliment it even more, so don’t be afraid to be bold with this wood tone.

It works best with light and pastel colors, open spaces, and bright plants and grass. 

Garapa Gray

Step out onto a Garapa Gray deck and you might just be swept away to a coastal area for an afternoon. This color and style embodies the sandy, windswept beaches of New England and Atlantic beach towns like those found on Cape Cod, but can work in any area and climate. The elegant, reverent tone speaks volumes about the owner, while offering friends and family a modern, yet relaxed experience. It may be more of a neutral color, but you can rest assured that the variegated patterns shine through with lots of personality.

It works best with neutral colors, coastal areas, and modern details and elements.

Brazilian Cherry

For areas that experience every season, the lovely, amber-tinted, auburn-hued Brazilian Cherry shade will emphasize every color year-round. From golden fall leaves and winter white snow to the warm lights and colorful decorations that are sprinkled throughout your spring or summer barbecue, this wood tone will bring your backyard to life every day. While the tone’s name is a call to the South American region, you can trust that with DuraLife’s capped composite material no rainforest trees are ever endangered. The Brazilian Cherry is truly tasteful, classic, and versatile.

It works best with rich colors like dark blues or reds, heavily wooded areas, and seasonal regions.

Tropical Walnut

Deeper than Golden Teak yet lighter than Brazilian Cherry, Tropical Walnut is a complex wood tone that is elevated by the variegated pattern. The warm hue looks convincingly like hardwood, yet is consistent with DuraLife’s proven polypropylene composite material. While built for any climate, warm-weather regions may truly experience the best that this color has to offer.

It works best with bright colors, warm climates, and modern elements, such as a pool or jacuzzi.

How to Visualize Your Variegated Deck

If you’re still not sure which color in the DuraLife Hardwood™ Collection is right for your project, test out each one with the DuraLife Deck Visualizer. Just select a deck color and watch it come to life in its own unique way.

To experience the wood tones in real life before buying, simply order samples of all four colors in the DuraLife Hardwood™ Collection. Each sample is 1 foot in length and costs just $5. Even better, shipping is included and the cost of the sample is refunded when you purchase DuraLife decking for your project.