DuraLife’s Step-Clip Decking Earns Top Spots Across Industry Publications


If your deck isn’t DuraLife, you’re missing out. This August, DuraLife decking was named the No. 1 product for 2020 by Professional Remodeler magazine, beating out five other deck and porch companies to top the list. The patent-pending Step-Clip system is the main reason for the best ranking, and it’s not surprising. The same innovative system was also highlighted in Building Business & Apartment Management Magazine by the Home Builders Association of Michigan the same month.

Twice in less than two weeks means DuraLife is on to something. The Step-Clip technology is easy to install, making it a coveted system for both contractors and homeowners. Step-Clip fasteners allow contractors to install decks in half the time, which means double the decks and double the money.

Kay Demey with Hansen Marketing Services explained just how easy the Step-Clip technology really is in the August edition of Building Business & Apartment Management Magazine.

“The contractor installs fastening strips on the deck joists and the DuraLife deck boards just snap into the clips," Kay said. “This unique install method can dramatically reduce installation time and is good for square or rectangular decks.”

Here’s how it works.

Step-Clip decking prevents extra measuring, spacing, grabbing fasteners, bending, and kneeling. Just interlock the four-board-wide strips along each joist—all you need is a roofing nail gun or hammer. Once that’s done, simply step on the deck boards to snap them into place. Special-cut boards can be cut and installed after all of the other decking, too, making the entire installation process fast and easy for the whole crew.

Even better, the joist won’t rot, decay, or suffer water damage because the strip helps protect it, so there’s no need for joist protection tape. If you do need to replace a deck board, Step-Clip makes it significantly easier than other decking methods.

Plus, homeowners will love the finished look. Step-Clip automatically spaces deck boards 4.8 millimeters apart for a perfectly parallel deck. It can also be laid out in advance so that the homeowner can approve of the board placement, ensuring that the variegated Hardwood’s story really shines through. It’s completely compatible with DuraLife’s Starter, Siesta, and MVP profiles, too, so homeowners can get the deck of their dreams installed in no time.

If DuraLife’s No. 1 ranking by Professional Remodeler and its honorable mention by Building Business & Apartment Management Magazine still doesn’t have you convinced to use its Step-Clip system for your next deck project, check out the speed test video to really see it in action.